We are offering the opportunity to those interested and with the proper skills and ambition to take part in the strategic development and day-to-day activities for RichLife Entertainment “Label Promotion & Technologies Services”. This informal internship is not a form of employment or official internship program but a way for RichLife Entertainment to find future talent for hiring as well as advance RichLife Entertainment.

Those interested need to understand that there will be considerable work involved including research and development on the part of each individual who comes on-board. You will also need to understand that you will not be an official representative for RichLife Entertainment but will be privy to many inside trade secrets and will need to agree to a non-compete and non-disclosure relationship in order to take part.

Note: All activities can and will be performed from your own location… little to no on-site work necessary at this time.

Our goal here is two-fold:

  1. Assign duties to capable individuals to help progress the success of RichLife Entertainment and its current projects.
  2. Position qualified and ambitious individuals for ground-floor placement within the ranks of the future RichLife Entertainment Music Label for both part-time and full-time employment.


Positions Looking to Fill

Music Aficionado


  • Stay up on all new top-level music, artists and careers within the Rock and Pop genres.
  • Must be knowledgeable of not only contemporary but also retro going back as far as the 1960’s.
  • Research and develop (constantly refine) music and artist associations that are familiar either in music or audience with Rich Hardesty and his music and maintain a recommendations list.
  • Stay up-to-date on new releases as soon as they come out (before they go viral) to identify market associations.
  • Develop concepts and play-lists to distribute and maintain throughout online discovery systems. This will be the primary activity for this position.

Social Trend Manager


  • Monitor social trends and identify marketing opportunities within the online communities.
  • Develop key-word associations for media and online assets promotions.
  • Develop and maintain Hashtag campaigns.

Digital Asset Management


  • Help develop and maintain online assets including websites, blogs, social/discovery sites, media, etc.

Note: Must be online tech savvy and have a good understanding of basic front-end web development and social profile management.

Web/Mobile Application Development & Integration


  • Help develop online web and mobile applications.
  • Help integrate technologies both through official API’s and creative hacks while also maintaining these integrations over time.

Note: Must have good experience in back-end web development and associated technologies: HTML5, CSS/3, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, JSON, PHP & SQL


If interested… please contact Eric Salmon @ ersalmon1@verizon.net with a brief background, contact information and a good time to contact you. Please use the following in your subject line: RichLife Ent. – Informal Internship.

Thank you for your support!