About Rich Hardesty

It is safe to say that Rich has found his sweet spot! Many artists evolve with the passing of time, but Rich’s artistic evolution has hit him smack dab in the heart. After being involved in the music industry nearly his entire life, international recording artist, Rich Hardesty, has used his new philanthropic endeavors to inspire and captivate a whole new audience and… he is taking his loyal fans on a whole new musical ride.

Rich is currently prepping for an amazing journey back to Jamaica to release his newest album, The Sunset Show. He will be performing at The Bob Marley Museum for Marley’s 71st birthday bash.  He will also perform in Kingston and Good Hope while visiting. If you haven’t seen Rich around lately, it might be due to his countless hours in the studio… building The Sunset Show, as well as a new piano album just to shake things up a bit.

With the passing of time, Rich has also seen the passing of a father. This was a monumental time for his whole family and threw Rich into focusing on what he truly loves…. music, family and people. This passing sparked all kinds creative purpose and contributed to more music coming out of the studio.  It has been events like these that have allowed Rich to focus on his authentic self and create an organic approach to his song writing.

You might notice that no matter how far or what foot Rich steps into an arena with, he always manages to take his music (and sometimes his dog) with him. This characteristic of Rich Hardesty will never change. While he still plays his famed chart topping hits, you will also hear more and more original music coming out of his studio, his guitar or his mouth. Today however, the music comes from a whole new head space and he has every intention of having you along for the ride!



Rich began his professional career in 1992 by fusing his passion for rock, reggae, acoustic, piano and simple song writing to create a unique trademark sound all his own which he quickly found to be widely well-received. Soon after starting out on his professional journey, Rich found himself courted for various tours with talented artists and musicians. He has been voted the #1 artist on tours and has played sold out shows at such famous clubs as ‘House of Blues’, in Las Vegas and ‘4th and B’, in San Diego. Of his many accomplishments, he is proud to have toured with ‘Pepper and Slightly Stoopid’, being asked to headline for John Mellencamp’s 50th b-day party and to have a long-standing endorsements with various brands throughout his career. Within his 20 year career Rich has performed in over 2000 live shows, recorded 13 indie records, produced 4 music DVD’s and has had his songs featured in such films as ‘Totally Baked’ and ’69 the Highway.’ Rich’s sound has been described in interviews as a combination of Jack Johnson, Sublime, and Dave Matthews Band-meets-John Mayer with a reggae-rasta touch. He successfully held an after-show concert on the heels of a Dave Matthews show in Indiana in the summer of 2009 which is still talked about by loyal Hardesty fans. All of his music has an acoustic touch with rock, reggae and hip-hop fundamentals that leave you smiling ear-to-ear. When asked, Rich notes that he has been influenced most by: Bob Marley, Jim Croce, James Taylor, Grateful Dead, Jack Johnson and Sublime. Rich is proud to note that he is a member of the “The Parrot Head Webring” and molds his music around the same laid back “Feel Good” feel of the legendary Jimmy Buffet.